Applying 3D Extrusion
Extrude polygon features for 3D mapping.
3D extrusion adds another dimension to layer symbology. Symbolizing numeric data using feature height can be powerful for highlighting spatial patterns and contrasts. Any polygon layer can be extruded according to numeric attributes. Extrusion can be applied along with data classification and other layer styling options -- exploring is key to finding what works. This article walks through the steps for extruding data.

How to Extrude Data in 3D

To extrude data:
1. Click on a polygon layer in the Layers list to activate it. The Layer Details pane will expand.
2. Select the column that you want to extrude by selecting it from the Column list. The column must contain numeric values.
3. Click Edit symbology. The symbology editor controls appear in the Layer Details pane.
4. If you are not already in 3D mode, click the 3D button located at the upper right of the map view.
5. Click Apply 3D Extrusion. The Extrude window appears.
6. Use the Extrude column values toggle to turn extrusion on.
7. Use the Scale factor slider to adjust extrusion height. The scale factor adjusts the height of all features relative to their values. By default, the scale factor is set to 1. Use the map view to find the right scale factor, which will depend on the value range of your data and the amount of extrusion you want to show. You can also use the scale factor to ensure that you symbolize the same data consistently across multiple scenarios or projects. The map dynamically updates to reflect your selection.
8. If appropriate, turn on Invert extrusion levels. This inverts the relationship between data values and height, giving the smallest values the tallest extrusion.
9. Click anywhere outside the Extrude window to close it.
When extrusion is turned on for a layer, you will see an icon in the Layers list indicating that extrusion is active. You can click on the icon to turn extrusion off. To turn extrusion on again, return to the Symbology Editor; your scale factor will be saved.
10. Click Save. This saves your extrusion and other symbology settings. Alternatively, you can click Discard to discard your changes, or click Restore Defaults to restore the default settings for the column (if any).
Settings for individual columns within a single layer are saved so that you can switch between mapped columns without losing your data classifications and style settings. All layer symbology is linked to individual users so you can maintain unique settings.

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