Component Information
The Component Information panel contains basic information for identifying and categorizing the Component.
Component Information panel
Component Name. The Component Name as entered here appears in the Components Library list at the left of the screen.
Density. Refers to the building density category. Options include High, Medium, and Low. These categories are used to differentiate variables for the employment density of commercial floor area, as managed in Library Settings. See Using Library Settings for information on managing these settings.
Land Use Category. Refers to the Land Use Category (L3) designation. Select the L3 category that the Component should be associated with. The L2 and L1 level designations are automatically designated on the basis of L3. (See Land Use Hierarchy for more information.)
Address. The address of the Component, if applicable. This field is optional.
Description. A description of the Component. This field is optional.
Building Types. A list of the Building Types in which the Component is included. The list is automatically generated. The Building Type names link to the Manage screen for the Building Types.
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