Reporting Analysis Results
View, compare, and export analysis results using Report mode.
The UrbanFootprint analysis modules produce a range of outputs:
  • Comparative results for multiple scenarios, accessed via Report mode,
  • Output layers that can be examined on the map and in the data table via Explore mode, and
  • Summary results for individual scenarios, accessed via Analyze mode.
This article guides you through the basic steps of how to compare analysis results in Report mode. For information on working with summary metrics and output layers for individual scenarios, see Working with Analysis Module Outputs.

How to Compare Analysis Results for Multiple Scenarios

Comparative analysis module results for multiple scenarios are accessed via Report mode. To view, compare, and export comparative results:
1. Enter Report mode by clicking the Report mode icon
in the Mode bar. The Report screen appears.
2. Select an analysis module from the list on the left side of the screen. The report screen for the selected module appears.
View of Energy Use report screen
3. Select the scenarios for which you would like to view results. By default, all scenarios for which the chosen module has been run are checked. If analysis has not been run for a module and scenario, you will not be able to select it.
4. View and compare results. The number of summary charts varies by module; you may need to scroll down to see them all.
Rolling over the individual sections of stacked bar charts displays sub-category values.
The charts created in UrbanFootprint are dynamically generated and cannot be downloaded. However, you can export the summary results to develop custom charts in other programs.
5. To export scenario results, click the Export
button. An Excel report containing all data as represented by the charts will be downloaded to your computer.

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