Technical Requirements
UrbanFootprint is cloud-based software, so technical requirements for your local computer are minimal -- all you need is a web browser and an internet connection. This article covers what you need to run UrbanFootprint and access online support.

Browser Requirements

UrbanFootprint is compatible with the following browsers:
  • Google Chrome, with the exception of Chrome on iOS
  • Microsoft Edge, version 79 (released Jan 15, 2020) or later
  • Mozilla Firefox, version 69 (released Sept 3, 2019) or later
We recommend that you use the latest versions of each browser. If you encounter any issues, please contact UrbanFootprint support for assistance.

Online Support

If you have any ad-blocking software installed in your browser, you may need to change its configuration to enable UrbanFootprint's in-application online support tools. If you can't see the chat icon
in the lower left corner of the screen, online support is being prevented from loading.
To enable online support, please add "" as an approved domain. See the instructions below for common ad-blockers. If you use software from another provider, refer to their instructions on "whitelisting" sites.
If you have unblocked UrbanFootprint, reloaded, and still cannot access the online support, please contact us at [email protected] for assistance.
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